An innovative chronic pain treatment program that cares for the whole person through counselling, education and support.

At Evergreen Psychology our greatest area of expertise is the care and treatment of clients experiencing chronic pain.   Our experience of the past 20 years has now been given a name: Victorian Chronic Pain Care.

Victorian Chronic Pain Care is a unique program that helps chronic pain clients deal with their situation in 3 ways:

counselling education support

  • Individual psychological counselling
  • Pain management group education program
  • Peer support groups, supervised by a registered psychologist

The Victorian Chronic Pain Care program recognises that chronic pain sufferers are often isolated and lonely – they need the contact of others who understand and can empathise with them.

We never lose focus on the needs of the individual but Victorian Chronic Pain Care also helps pain sufferers to reduce their isolation in a supportive group environment where experiences and pain management techniques are shared.

And we don’t forget clients once their counselling and education programs are finished.  Clients who complete individual and group care and treatment are able to join Victorian Chronic Pain Care’s ongoing support groups (some restrictions may apply).  These groups meet regularly at Evergreen Psychology’s Cranbourne consulting rooms.

be your best logoA return to appropriate physical activity is an important goal of Victorian Chronic Pain Care.  Together with Be Your Best Physiotherapy we provide you with advice and information about how to make exercise part of your pain management program.



Victorian Chronic Pain Care