Intensive EMDR

Intensive EMDR

Intensive EMDR programs are a relatively new development in trauma treatment and have been achieving remarkable results. The best established program is run in The Netherlands by Psytrec. Over the past 5 years we have watched Psytrec’s work with interest and have developed an intensive EMDR program at Evergreen Psychology.

What does intensive EMDR therapy at Evergreen Psychology involve?

Intake and pre-assessment screening – 4 hours

Prior to the intensive therapy there is a significant amount of time spent in assessment and screening of each client, and this involves approximately 4 hours.  Given the intensity of the therapy, it is important that we carefully assess the suitability of clients. This process involves:

    • Psychological assessments (2 hours)
    • Interview/review of assessments by a psychologist (2 hours)
    • Adherence to the inclusion criteria (see section below for further info)
Intensive EMDR Therapy – 12 hours

The intensive EMDR therapy is conducted over 4 consecutive days, during which the client attends a 90-minute consultation in both the morning and the afternoon on each of the four days at our clinic in Cranbourne.

Post treatment assessment and evaluation – 1 hour

This process involves a one hour consultation with your EMDR therapist one week after your intensive program.

Who is suitable for this therapy?

Given the intensity of this program it is essential that only suitable clients participate. This program is not for everyone! You will need to be able to commit to a timeframe and cost of the program, as well as undertake our vigorous intake process prior to be considered a “good fit” for the program.

Criteria for inclusion in the Intensive EMDR program
    • PTSD diagnosis
    • Limit of one or two traumatic events in adulthood. Clients with a history of childhood trauma, complex trauma, and emotional neglect are excluded.
    • Being at least 18 years old
    • Ability to emotionally self regulate
    • Not currently suicidal
    • Not addicted to alcohol or recreational drugs
    • Good social and emotional support
    • No current legal proceedings
    • Not part of a Work Cover Claim

How do I organise this therapy?

Please call the office on 03 5998-4498 or email us, and we can speak to you about the next steps.

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