NOTE: Our groups program is currently suspended due to COVID-19   

Make the most of your referral by accessing both individual and group treatment.


Get better results and outcomes by adding group education to your treatment at no extra cost.

All group programs are structured and facilitated by a psychologist.

Booking is essential: please advise Reception that you will be attending, or call us on 5998-4498.

Pain Management & Support

In 2020, we are again running a combined Pain Management and Support program.  While the groups are designed primarily for people experiencing chronic pain, they are also useful to a wider community.  For example, if you’re interested in Mindfulness or how your mind and body work together, there are group sessions for you.

Managing chronic pain can be a challenge, and this group is designed to help you learn strategies to manage your pain.
Within the supportive group environment you will learn techniques such as: pacing activity, sleep hygiene, regulating your emotions, understanding stress, anxiety and depression, expressing yourself to others, controlling your thoughts, moving and exercising, nutrition, coping with relapses, establishing routine, understanding pain medications, and communicating with medical professionals.

From February 2020, sessions will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, from 9:30am to 11:00am and will follow this format:

  • 30 minutes of education on the topic of the month
  • 30 minutes for social interaction and support
  • 30 minutes to regroup, ask questions and debrief

Upcoming dates for the Pain Management & Support Group:


   NOTE: Our groups program is currently suspended due to COVID-19   


For clients with a current Mental Health Care Plan, groups are bulk billed. Clients with a Mental Health Care Plan have access to 10 group sessions per plan.

TAC clients can attend groups at no cost. Workcover clients, with approval for group treatment also attend at no cost.

The cost for private clients without a MHCP and Workcover clients without approval for group treatment is $15 per group session.

Please note that all groups require a minimum of 4 participants to commence and booking is essential.

To find out more contact us by phone on (03) 5998-4498, by e-mail at, or follow us on Twitter.

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